Distance from Horn Lake, MS to Columbus, MS

From: Horn Lake, County: DeSoto State: Mississippi
To: Columbus, County: Lowndes State: Mississippi
Distance: miles
Travel time:

How far is from Horn Lake, MS to Columbus, MS?

How many miles is Horn Lake, MS to Columbus, MS?

Horn Lake, MS information

ZIP code: 38637

Area code(s): 662

Population: 26066

Elevation: 299ft (91m)

County: DeSoto

Horn Lake MS zip code

Postcode area of Horn Lake is 38637. Area code(s) of Horn Lake is 662. Horn Lake has 299ft (91m) altitude. The coordinates of Horn Lake are: 34.95861 lat, -90.04306 lng. Horn Lake belongs to DeSoto County.

Columbus, MS information

ZIP codes: 39701, 39702, 39703, 39704, 39705

Area code(s): 662

Population: 23640

Elevation: 217ft (66m)

County: Lowndes

Columbus MS zip code

Postcode areas of Columbus are 39701, 39702, 39703, 39704, 39705. Area code(s) of Columbus is 662. Columbus has 217ft (66m) altitude. The coordinates of Columbus are: 33.50167 lat, -88.41500 lng. Columbus belongs to Lowndes County.

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